Baltimore Computer Repair ServicesAs you very well know, there are literally a ton of different Baltimore computer repair services that are offered in the area. However, there are 6 that are considered the most common. Here they are.

Residential & Commercial Service

With residential & commercial services the most common issues can be solved by experienced technicians.

Some of the common repair issues include replacing a hard drive that has failed, replacing laptop screens, upgrading system memory, upgrading an operating system and removing viruses just to name a few.

This category of services is mainly used used by small business owners looking for managed services.

Baltimore Computer Solutions partner with many the industry leaders to offer managed services to small business owners. Call us at: 443-983-1035 

Mac & PC Desktop and Laptop Repairs

Unlike most Baltimore computer repair companies we service both PC’s and Mac’s. All of our techs are certified to operate on both types of operating systems. We do everything from Mac & PC hard drive repair to Mac & PC liquid damage repair. Any issues you are having with your Mac or PC we can solve.

Virus & Spyware Removal

These days threats are everywhere. That’s why it is so important you do all you can to keep your computer protected. However, there will still be times when viruses and spyware invade your computer.

When this happens you have two options. You can either try to remove the viruses and spyware yourself or you can hire a professional to do it.

If you know absolutely nothing about computers its best you hire a professional Baltimore computer repair service. This way you know everything will be done the right way.

Custom Computers Laptop

There are many reasons you may choose to have your computer or laptop custom built.

The biggest one is the fact you get to pick your own parts. If you purchase a computer from an electronics store it will come with certain components and specifications already in place.

When you purchase a laptop with pre built components it is very cookie cutter. When you have your computer custom built you can have it built just the way you like it.

Wireless Networking & Security

These days having a computer is an absolute necessity. And being  able to connect everyone to the internet is even more important.

That’s where wireless networks come into play. The problem with wireless networking is it can be easily accessed by hackers if it isn’t secure. That’s why it is very important you make sure your wireless network is secure.

Computer Tune Ups

A computer is just like a car. Every now and then you need to have it tuned up to ensure it continues to operate at optimal levels.

Some of the service options you have for a computer tune up include a diagnostic test to find any potential problems, start up optimization, shutdown optimization, menu clean up, removal of unwanted programs, make sure security software is working right and much more.

With a computer tune up we will go under the hood of your computer to ensure everything is working the way it is suppose to be working.

Getting a computer tune up is one of the best ways to prevent major issues from occurring and keep your computer running smoothly.

Baltimore Computer Repair

We are the baltimore best computer repair Services company.  We would love to help you find a solution to all your computing needs. Call us at Baltimore Computer Solutions 443-983-1035.

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