Baltimore Computer Solutions is a Managed Server Solution Provider for small to large businesses in the Baltimore Maryland area. Baltimore Computer Solutions will manage and build Baltimore computer networks with a virtualized server solution. Running a business can get very expensive so Baltimore Computer Solutions has a way to save you money on computer server hardware with some of the benefits of server virtualization.

What is Computer Server Virtualization?      

Server computers are machines that are able to hold the files and applications that run on large computer networks. These machines have to be powerful in order to complete these tasks, and generally, only one ‘task’ is allotted per machine. The trouble begins when you have to have multiple servers for individual tasks, and the energy and heat from these servers becomes overwhelming. Computer network administrators are now able to begin circumventing this issue, however, with the use of ‘server virtualization’.

Using special software, administrators are able to convert a single physical server, into many virtual servers. Each one is able to work as it’s own independent device on a virtual platform, is able to run it’s own OS and it’s even possible to create enough of these virtual servers to use every last bit of processing power available.

The idea of server virtualization isn’t new. Computer technicians and scientists often create virtual machines for supercomputers. Many companies are now catching on to the usefulness of having virtual servers, and are quickly attempting to switch over to the new technology as soon as possible. Although the technology is still considered ‘young’, it’s a very popular topic and is growing rapidly within the business and networking world. So, why are so many people moving to virtualize their networks?

How can virtualization help my business?

Firstly, server virtualization is able to help you save massive amounts of space. Consolidating your applications into a single server as opposed to having a dedicated server for each task, is the first step in freeing up your facility from large machines that produce too much heat, and use too much energy. This can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars and decrease your need for lots of ‘physical’ space.

Additionally, virtualization saves companies from having to purchase multiple copies of the same software. Instead of having to put a separate installation on each individual server, now you can put your software on the virtualized server, saving time and money. With this isolated virtual servers, programmers can now test their new applications, software and security systems without having to repeat the process on every server, and can do so without affecting the rest of the virtual servers or their applications. This can save you from costly mistakes or accidents that can render your system useless.

Here is some detailed info about server virtualization and how it can help you:

– Faster Server – When a request comes in, respond nearly instantly
– Reduce Hardware/Vendor Dependance – Don’t get stuck with the same server vendor and models! Server virtualization gives you a broader selection of server hardware to choose from.
– Increase Your Up time – This updated technology is able to give you the edge when others are reduced to waiting for outages to be fixed. Being able to move your virtual machine between servers easily, gives you the ability to reduce any downtime and recover quickly.

Here, we use top-recommended software to make sure you get the best virtual experience available. We particularly enjoy using VMWare and HyperV software for your Baltimore Computer Network. If you’re interested in learning more about how this type of technology can increase business for you in the Baltimore and Maryland area, please feel free to contact us today. We would love to answer any questions you may have, or discuss custom virtualization options.