How frustrated are you with your technical support in Bel Air Maryland? Baltimore Computer Solutions has provided Bel Air Maryland Technical Support for small to large businesses. We have worked with all types of industries from carpet stores to food manufactures.



Baltimore Computer Solutions helped a large carpet store that is very well known in the Harford County Maryland area move their main location from Edgewood Maryland to Abingdon Maryland. We planned out all of there IT needs involving there phone systems, business computers, and internet. We worked with the owner to make sure that everything was ready at their new location before moving. We provided them with the IT Support they needed in Bel Air Maryland before and after the move.

We also helped a local food manufacture in Bel Air Md. with there IT needs. This client had over 120 computers and 8 servers. We worked with this client as a Virtual CIO to get them up to speed with their computer hardware and IT policies and procedures to allow their business technology to run at a better pace. We first started by replacing over 25 computers with Windows XP on them since Windows XP was not supported anymore with Microsoft. Then we looked at their current Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) to make sure there workflow was up to date with the latest technology. This client had very old server hardware so we decided to swap it out with new hardware using virtual servers. We built the new virtual servers using VMware software since they needed 2 servers for their ERP system. One server was for reporting and the other server was for accounting and workflow needs. Once we upgraded the ERP system the client’s workflow improved in the factory, accounting dept, and all other staff had 10 times the performance rate due to the speed of the new server hardware. We then continued to replace out the rest of their servers since they noticed a difference in their ERP server speed and workflow performance. This is a great example of what we can do for any small to large business in the Maryland area.

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