We joined the Pikesville Md Chamber!

bcs PIkesville ChamberWe are now a proud member of the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce. They are the best Chamber as far as business networking in the Baltimore Maryland area. Here is a link to our profile: http://business.pikesvillechamber.org/list/member/baltimore-computer-solutions-662

The Pikesville Chamber is a great networking resource for business networking. This […]

5 Signs Computer Hardware needs to be upgraded


Here is a great article why you should upgrade your computer hardware before upgrading your Operating Systems. We highly recommend purchasing new computers or servers before purchasing Operating System Software. Below are 5 Signs Why Computer Hardware needs to be upgraded.

Computers, servers, mobile devices, and more, are constantly seeing hardware and component upgrades being released. From faster processors to new screens, it feels like there are new elements being released on a daily basis. This can make many business owners feel like they must upgrade. The problem is though that this is a costly endeavour. If you are wondering whether to upgrade or not, here are five signs that you should.


Why You Should Upgrade Your Windows Server 2003


The IT world business leaders should know that Windows Server 2003 will be terminated by July 2015. Baltimore Computer Solutions a premier Baltimore IT support company has a very strong background with upgrading Microsoft Servers and will explain why you should upgrade your Windows Server 2003. It has been long since Windows Server 2003 has been serving small and medium business. It was better compatible with 32 bit systems than 64 bit systems. This is one of the major cause leading to its end of life. There are a number of companies that are still using Windows Server 2003 and continue after its discontinuation in 2015. The termination date is less then a year away from now but the companies should ensure a backup before it ends. The small and medium business should assure that they take some significant measures in order to save themselves from all kinds of anarchy after it discontinues. There should be no third party applications depleting paged-pool or non-paged-pool memory since many of those servers are running as 32-bit (x86) installations.


Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan for Hurricanne Season?

Today either small or highly advanced and industrialized companies make use of Information technology to enhance their progress. The team members use various tools that keep them connected to the work process even when they’re miles apart from the offices. Company underlings utilize remote working aids like electronic mail and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone systems to converse with the team. It is easier to manage online meetings for the business leaders from time to time. Similarly the companies rely to on online payment methods to make it easier for the employees to receive their wages in any part of the word. Members make use of innumerable devices to create, process and store their data files. This is an over view of how efficiently an Baltimore IT based company functions. But have you ever thought what would you go wrong when your Baltimore IT based system collapses?


Office 365 or Google Apps for your Small to Medium Business?

BCS Office 365

 What actually are Google Apps?


BCS Google Apps for BusinessBefore digging up the benefits of Google apps, let us give you an insight of what Google apps actually are. The set of applications that provides you beneficial services for your business. The apps includes Email, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk – having a user defined domain.


How To Prevent Your Online Accounts From Getting Hacked

computer repair in Baltimore City

It was reported last week that russian hackers may have stolen up to 1.2 billion passwords from over 420,000 websites. This put a lot of accounts at risk of getting hacked. Baltimore

Here are a few things you can do right now to protect your information online.

Use […]

Maryland Managed Services Provider For Computer Networks

Every day there seems more pressure on businesses to deliver more for less. At the same time, there is a growing list of activities required to keep a business running. Back-up. Anti-virus. Server speed. Connectivity. Hardware. Software. All this puts a strain on resources.  […]

Windows 8 Update Reminder

It is the deadline for consumers running Windows 8.1 to install the Windows 8.1 Update if they want to continue to receive patches and computer fixes from Microsoft.


Baltimore Maryland Computer Network Audit

Fed Up With Computer Problems? Our FREE Network Audit Will Reveal Conflicts, Security Loop Holes, and Other Flaws In Your Network. […]

Full Computer Solutions in Baltmore, Maryland

Baltimore Computer Solutions has been providing network services, computer repair, managed solutions, and much more for over 15 years. Whether you are running on a single server or multiple, Baltimore Computer Solutions will prove to be your one-stop-shop for computer and network solutions.