Baltimore Computer Solutions Reps listen to what you need before acting. Their understanding along with experience make them an excellent partner. They are definitely a team you can rely on.
W. Geiger
Baltimore Computer Solutions has excellent technicians as well as business consultants who are able to repair, improve, and increase the efficiency of my computer significantly. As I can not afford a new computer at this time, I find they have helped extend the life of the one I own which in the long run saves me a lot of money.
P. Bernhardt
Baltimore Computer Solutions representatives provide high integrity, understand the financial constraints of a small business and are experts in their area of knowledge. They work well with others and can convert their technical terminology to customer friendly explanations.
C. Upman
I have worked with Baltimore Computer Solutions for 10 months in a Professional capacity. They have always been very presentable, courteous and extremely accommodating. They have extremely good skills and are fast learners. Their work has been of a very high standard and their recommendations have been held in high esteem by myself and fellow management. The reps there are the kind of team who can analyze any computer related problem and come up with a working solution in no time. They have been a great asset to our company and have been spearheading our move towards centralizing our data and rewriting our many application interfaces into easy to understand web interfaces. The enthusiasm, openness, willingness to share and honesty expressed, has created a business relationship, to which I attach a very high value. Baltimore Computer Solutions is highly recommended and will be an Asset to any business.
A. Shepherd
Baltimore Computer Solutions representatives are very knowledgeable in computers, updates, software, networks, etc. They also respond to any of our questions or problems quickly. We have been lucky to find them and happy with all of the services they have provided us. We are very happy with their suggestions on getting new servers, networks, and towers.
A. Jones