Choosing Baltimore Computer Solutions is much more efficient than depending on the limited knowledge of one or a few employees, and it’s also much less expensive. You can play less for a Computer Consultant by following our example below. (Take a look at our example below to see just how much!) In short, with Baltimore Computer Solutions you get much more, for less. And since our unique proactive maintenance plans head off issues before they become problems, you save even more money.

Example of Savings

1. For this example, we assume you are a small company with 18 employees, 2 servers.

The Baltimore Computer Solutions contract level for this size company would be approximately

$3000 per month, or $26,000 per year—and all the

management headaches are ours. OR YOU COULD:

2. Hire one employee for $70,000.00 per year (low end)

3. Plus benefits, which, according to my PPO, AMBROSE, would cost approximately

$12,000.00 per year (assuming the employee has a family)

4. As the employer, you are required to pay approximately a 7% payroll tax as

well as a UBT tax. This is an additional tax of approximately another $5,740.00

5. You would also have to match contributions into a 401k, assuming

you are making your own contribution

as the owner. Let’s call this another $2,500.00

The cost for a single IT staffer: $90,240.00 + External Support ($8,000) = $98,240 per year

The cost for Baltimore Computer Solutions per year: $26,000 per year

You would save $72,240 a year by using Baltimore Computer Solutions as your single source for all IT solutions.

Wouldn’t it be better to have this money in your pocket?