Baltimore Computer Solutions gets questions from new and existing clients about our services. Below are the answers to some of  the regular questions asked on a daily basis.

Who is Baltimore Computer Solutions?

Baltimore Computer Solutions is a Full-Technology Solutions Provider. We help small and medium businesses with all of their technology needs such as business computer networking, business computer repair, business server repair, and managed services. Baltimore Computer Solutions has engineers with over 30 years experience. We provide the best customer service at the most affordable price to meet the needs of your business.

My office keeps getting infected with malware and viruses, can you help?

Yes, Simple tools can often be used to clean an infected system. In most cases a system can be cleaned within an hour. If it can’t, we can help you back it up, restore it to factory defaults and reload all your applications. We will even show you simple tricks to help yourself out in case of another outbreak.

I want my wireless at home to be able to connect to my office from anywhere, is that possible?

Yes and very easily too. Contact us today and we can tell you how to safely and securely connect your home/home office and your workplaces. We make the technology work for you!

I am a business owner and I don’t have any IT support staff on my payroll. How can you help me?

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You need your technology to work for you. Baltimore Computer Solutions can make your IT infrastructure work for your business needs, and we can do it at a price point that is more attractive than our competitors. Remember, we at Baltimore Computer Solutions are business owners too, and we understand as an owner, you can’t waste time managing technology, handling employees, running a company, and still stay sane. Baltimore Computer Solutions has customized IT support services that lets you focus on your business model, your product, and your service. We will manage the technology and provide you with the tools to grow your company. We have experienced staff using the latest in software and hardware technology, which can help you run your business better, more efficiently and under budget. Call us today and let your technology headaches become ours!

What services do you provide? 

Baltimore Computer Solutions provides an array of technology solutions that includes Server and Desktop End User Support, On-site and Remote Support Solutions, Hosted SharePoint & Exchange Servers, Offsite Secure Data Backups, Antivirus & Malware Removal, Network Design, Virtualization Solutions, and Managed Services for all your computer network needs. Our engineers handle everything from servers and networking equipment to end user help. Adding wireless to the office and need it secure? Yes we do that. Have a virus or malware infection that you need cleaned? Yes we do that. Moving to a new office location and need a partner who can handle the technology while you focus on the business? Yes we do that. Technology is what we do, it is our passion, let us bring that experience to you!

I want to use Outlook and Exchange, can you provide that?

Yes we can offer you a cloud based system such as Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 that both use Outlook. We also offer Microsoft Exchange Servers and Cloud based Exchange Servers that will eliminate you from buying any hardware/

I hear a lot about disaster recovery, but I backup every night, am I covered? 

There is a big difference between backing up files and having a disaster recovery plan in place. Contact one of our engineers today for some free information on how Disaster Recovery services can help you.

I am an IT director or computer support staff member at a small or medium-sized business. How can you help me?

We know that managers and business people sometimes don’t understand how hard IT services can be. There’s a lot to do, and sometimes not enough people to get the job done. Baltimore Computer Solutions has spent years helping people just like you reduce the daily headaches and get back to working on your next major project or upgrade. Let our proven software and hardware solutions help you better manage the day to day parts of IT while making the boss happy with lower costs and better results!

Why do we offer a Managed Services Solution?

Baltimore Computer Solutions offers a Managed Services Solution because our clients started asking for it years ago. BCS Managed Services Solution helps your business technology needs stay up and running without any downtime or loss of business. We can monitor your entire network and we even monitor desktops to make sure they are up and running with any error messages or downtime. So do not delay in contacting us so there is very little downtime while running your business.