Manage Service Provider (MSP) is an exclusive collection of services offered by Baltimore Computer Solutions to ensure your computer network is healthy and error-free. Baltimore Computer Solution provides real time information from your servers and workstations to BCS as well as the client.

•  Servers

The server is the brains of the network and its up time and health is a number one priority. Information gathered from a server is converted into reports as well as alerts, so that we know immediately of any issues. The information continuously gathered from servers includes:
o  Microsoft Windows System and Application error logs
o  Backup completion status
o  Antivirus update status
o  Microsoft Exchange status
o  Windows Update status
o  Hard drive and partition free space and threshold
o  Complete catalog of all software and hardware installed
o  Physical disk health

•  Workstations

The information gathered from workstations can include all of the above, with the exception of the services and functions that define a server. Workstation information is gathered on a report only basis. More of the information gathered includes:
o  Vital Windows services status
o  Online status
o  Application failures
o  Service tags
o  Software license and product keys

•  MSP Information

All of the important information can be accessed through our client portal, including online status, any failed checks, all hardware installed, and general information such as user and network information. Email reports and alerts available upon request.