Business Referral Program

Make money while you sleep and we work. Sounds perfectly fair to us. Join Baltimore Computer Solutions Business Referral Program and make money from your existing relationships. But why stop there? If you are an Internet marketer and can drive leads you can dramatically improve your earning potential.

About Us

Baltimore Computer Solutions enables it’s clients to focus on their core business, rather than the business of dealing with technology issues. We empower our clients to:

  • Reduce IT expenditure without taking short-cuts
  • Improve staff productivity and output without increasing the number of staff on payroll
  • Reduce computer and system downtime without a huge investment or overhaul in technology
  • Increase bottom line number for better results and more profits

Businesses are closing down in record numbers, big business, small business, street vendors. Which is why it’s very important and critical for a business to watch its purse strings in an turbulent economy.

Baltimore Computer Solutions works with its clients to help them overcome these challenges and be competitive in their field of expertise, without making technology a burden to the business. BCS helps its clients determine their technology needs, provides virtual CIO services to get the client closer to their business goals.

In short. BCS will design, plan and implement a technology solution that is perfect for each client. Because one size does not fit all.

What’s in it for you?

We pay a handsome referral fee for each client that is referred by you. Our referral structure works as follows:

A client referral : will earn you a recurring commission of 5% if they sign a 12 month service agreement

Example: $600 per month agreement will make you $30 per month ($360 per year)

Example: $1200 per month agreement will make you $60 per month ($720 per year)

Example: $2400 per month agreement will make you $120 per month ($1440 per year)

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not bad for a stream of passive income.

When the client renews into consecutive years, you’ll still be paid a residual for bringing the client to the table.

What’s required of you?

Simply keeps your eyes and ears open and look for simple buzz word or sentences as described below as a trigger mechanism for you to swing into referral mode.

When you hear things like:

  • Computer Problem
  • Computer Guy is Unresponsive
  • Network is/has been Down
  • Problems Printing
  • Having Connectivity Issues
  • Staff are unproductive
  • Virus, Spyware, Adware, Phising and Trojans
  • Slow Computer
  • and many more similar and related phrases

These are phrases that indicate some kind of immediate issue/s that need the attention of a professional computer support company.

At this time, simply stop the person and ask the following questions to see how much of a need they really have:

  • Wow. How long has this been going on
  • What’s your IT guy doing to resolve the problem
  • I don’t suppose it bother you that your systems fail in this manner
  • It’s probably only a minor issue nothing that will impact your business and safe it ignore i assume.
  • and any other probing questions you can come up with.

Once you hear what the other person has to say, based on their response. Ask them if you can make a suggestion. Almost 100% of the time the person will always say yes, because you have a working relationship with them.

Tell them

“I know of a company that will send a technician out for a Network Audit to help you identify and remedy any issues before they turn into an expensive repair. Would it be OK if I refer you to them and give them your number and email”

Once you have their blessing to provide us with their number, you simply can email us or call us and we can complete the details so that we may begin our process to secure the client and your commission.

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