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 What actually are Google Apps?


BCS Google Apps for BusinessBefore digging up the benefits of Google apps, let us give you an insight of what Google apps actually are. The set of applications that provides you beneficial services for your business. The apps includes Email, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk – having a user defined domain.

Like, if you have a domain for your company or organization yourcompany.com and you avail the Google Apps services then each person at your company will have:
• Personalized email address (abc@yourcomapny.com).
• Presentations and spreadsheets.
• Tools for establishing web pages and sites for your company, tools word processing.
• A shared calendaring system.
• Getting a flexible intranet system.
We talked about what services you will get the most from Google apps but the most important point here is how much you will be charged for these services? Answer is
• You will be provided 30 days free trail of services for your business.
• After that you will be charged $5 per user account for a month.
• Or $50 per user account for whole year.
• If you want to have  Google apps available for non-profitable or educational institutions then services are free of charge (with same volume of storage as for business accounts).

Why should you opt for Google apps?

• Personalized Email address:

Person who has started his small business usually uses simple email ids (@Hotmail, @Gmail etc.) for communicating but if he/she has a professional approach and wants to grow business in proficient way then carrying email address @yourcompany.com which has your company domain looks more appealing. The other benefit of this is that any person who will come across your personalized email address will get to know about your company.

• Good Security, is An Assurity:

Google Apps claim to have many critical security features which not only secure your date but also give you control of your date. The tools which come with it gives you an option to share your data with specific people. Your browser sessions are encrypted with SSL to give you an extra layer of security and reduce the chances hacking. Also they have finest spam filter which protect you from annoying messages.

• Ease of Access:
Want to see your important emails but is away from home? Then you don’t need to worry as all you need is a device with internet and you will be able to avail the service. You can access your email, calendar, sites and documents safely.

• Storage Capacity:
While most of the email services provide you 1 or 2GB space for emails, Google offers you 10GB storage which in most cases is enough for small business.

• Not Just an email service:
Most of the people who isn’t much into Google apps thinks that it’s just an email service with some features but this is not the case, Google apps are your companion in your business. It gives you an opportunity to edit your documents, presentations, spreadsheets and much more.

• Collective Success:

Google apps brings you, your workers and partners on one platform. You can share, collaborate with them at any time, at any place. You documents are saved on cloud or say Google drive and every person in your team can get the latest version of documents.


What actually is Office 365?

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Office 365 is an online service pack that offers over the net access to various products of Microsoft office. It is a subscription based online office that stores the data on cloud. For entrepreneurs it provides with an easy access to the files and services, from anywhere across the globe.

With the launch of Microsoft Office 2013, Office 365 aimed at broadening its boundaries rom social networking, e-mail and cloud storage. It in stores enterprise plans for diverse business plans.

Office 365 is highly cost effective and encompasses three discrete plans for different levels of entrepreneurs. Namely,
• Small Business, costing $5.00 user/month. Enabling maximum 25 users.
• Small Business Premium, costing $12.50 user/month. Enabling maximum 25 users.
• Midsize Business, costing $12.50 user/month. Enabling maximum 300 users.

Office 365 enables users to run their business on the go. It provides accessibility to the users to maintain their files and records from anywhere, anytime. Following is a list of features Office 365 encloses (Some of them might not be available to small business and small business premium as per the plan.):
1. Full, installed Office applications on up to 5 PCs or Mac. Like, Excel, Spreadsheet, Word, PowerPoint etc.
2. Office for tablets—Office on Windows tablets and iPads.
3. Office for smartphones—View and edit Office docs on the go2.
4. Online versions of Office—Word, Excel and more.
5. Business-class email3 with 50 GB of email storage.
6. File storage and sharing with 1 TB of storage/user.
7. Unlimited online meetings and HD video conferencing.
8. Public website that’s easy to set up and maintain.
9. Active Directory integration to easily manage user credentials and permissions.
10. Yammer Enterprise: Enterprise social networking with advanced support, security, administration, and integrations.

Why should you go for Office 365?

So the interrogation still stands consistent. What are the benefits that make Office 365 preferable over other equivalent tools?

The service packs offers the users to remain in touch with work from anywhere, enabling underlings to be prolific using various devices. The company owners are well aware of the reimbursements of remote working of their staff. This perhaps be the majorly discussed benefit by far but certainly not the only one. The cloud based solutions enable the companies to manage and secure the files and data at any point of given time. The similar working and data platform empowers the leaders to break the geographical and territorial precincts. Let’s converse the major profits of using Office 365 briefly below:

• Akin to the usual Microsoft Office:

Yes, Office 365 doesn’t include any entity that you’re unfamiliar with. It is the set if daily office tools that are trouble-free for any sort of user. Just because of the cloud, it facilitates you to retrieve your work anywhere other than that there is no rocket science involved that crafts any difficulty for the employees.

• Sync your emails and calendars:

Another exciting feature is that you don’t have miss out your focal messages and emails. Office 365 aims to assist you in keeping you updated with your schedule.

• Online Meetings and Consultation:

Online conferencing brings every team member on the same note. No matter how geographically distant people are they can discuss and share ideas through the online sessions.

• No hosting dues for your online presence:

Simply setup at a website and market your content with disbursing for it.

• Security and privacy you can rely on:

Clouds are rather untrusted regarding the security and privacy sphere. But Office 365 vigorously endeavors to keep your data and files protected. Data safety is one the major cause that makes office 365 one of the most market efficiently rated tools for small and midsize business.

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