The IT world business leaders should know that Windows Server 2003 will be terminated by July 2015. Baltimore Computer Solutions a premier Baltimore IT support company has a very strong background with upgrading Microsoft Servers and will explain why you should upgrade your Windows Server 2003. It has been long since Windows Server 2003 has been serving small and medium business. It was better compatible with 32 bit systems than 64 bit systems. This is one of the major cause leading to its end of life. There are a number of companies that are still using Windows Server 2003 and continue after its discontinuation in 2015. The termination date is less then a year away from now but the companies should ensure a backup before it ends. The small and medium business should assure that they take some significant measures in order to save themselves from all kinds of anarchy after it discontinues. There should be no third party applications depleting paged-pool or non-paged-pool memory since many of those servers are running as 32-bit (x86) installations.

Server 2003 has been a fair companion for small and medium businesses for over a decade but it’s time to say goodbye to server 2003 and says hello to server 2012. As 2015 will come up will and official end of support for server 2003, it’s preferable for business leaders to migrate to server 2012.


What do we Actually Mean When We Say End of Support?


First and foremost thing is the understanding of expiration of support. End to support certainly doesn’t mean that Server 2003 is not going to be workable or useable for the companies that rely on it. Rather it means:

  • No More Updates – Last updates were released in 2013 for Server 2003. They were 37 in number, since then there has been no update for the server. There will be a termination to updates and support packages in 2015. Therefore, with the passage of time Server 2003 won’t be compatible for too long.
  • No Compliance – There will be no compliance with standards and regulations which can be devastating. Hence, the check on regulatory and industry standards will no longer be ticketed.
  •  No New Applications SupportThird party applications will stop providing their updates for server 2003 which might result in leaving the apps antiquated. Even the Microsoft applications will no longer extend their support on Server 2003.


Why Make the Move From Server 2003 to Server 2012?

BCSServer2003So what are the reasons that urges a company to move to Server 2012? Certainly, you won’t want to run a server that has met its end in terms of support. To run a secure business structure and to meet the needs on most of jurisdictions, you need to patch and eyes on your infrastructure if you are working on Server 2003. You will need to work on discretion of data and third party applications from operating system so that you can recover the system back to your last workable position.

No software or operating system stops running when the company terminates its support. However, the risk of data loss and disaster get higher. In the similar way. Server 2003 will keep hosting your files and applications, though the necessary updates might not be at your service when you need them the most. Users can keep using Server 2003 as long they wish to and find it compatible but this means operational expenses start to mount.

Steps you should readily take:

   1. Call for your needs:

A Baltimore Managed IT Service Provider can assist you in what you would need in your upgraded server. You can contact us and provide us information, if you want support in upgrading a Windows Server from a Baltimore MD IT Support Company.

  2. Shift Yourself Safely:

Have you decided to upgrade your server? But is bit skeptical doing so? Your fear will be replaced by Baltimore Computer Solutions. We are your companion at each step you take towards upgrading your server. We estimate your arrangement of groundwork and what applications best suits you, this will provide you assurance that you are on right path. This is mostly for:

  • When the amount of work is multifaceted.
  • When you need guidance precise atmosphere and finest method to migrate your server.
  • Corporations which contain or want to have expert technical individuals to handle the resettlement.

3. Highly Developed and Specialized Services with Baltimore Computer Solutions:

Allow us to provide you our best services. We will brain storm and plan your migration with support of professional services. This will make your migration much more organized and smooth. By supervising the plan and heavy lifting, you will be given improved and better workable environment. This is mostly for:

  • When the amount of work is multifaceted.
  • When time limit is extremely restricted.
  • Enhanced essentials for your new atmosphere.


As you must have known by now that Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 reach the end of extended support on July 14 2015. We can consider the fact the discarding Windows XP happened in a rush. But even after knowing this many people are using these operating systems which will be axed soon and will be unsupported OS by their respective companies, this is the time when Baltimore Computer Solutions should be taken into consideration. When we consider Windows system administrators, we talk about Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 R2 in service. These servers are used by large number of people. Like you may have migrated from Windows XP, you should start pondering and planning to shift from Windows Server 2003 and Baltimore Computer Solutions a Baltimore IT Support Company are available 24*7 at your service to guide you.

In few particular cases, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server must be needed to upgrade if they have been deployed on Windows Server 2003. It is tough and tedious to upgrade an operating system and becomes tougher when you have to upgrade Exchange and SQL Server along with your operating system. It can be messed up if the proper steps are not taken properly towards upgrading, Baltimore Computer Solutions provides you a professional and advanced infrastructure to migrate.

People were more concerned about Windows XP and upgrading it but one should start planning to retire the Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 servers. Postponing it any longer, you will find yourself in tight corner as the date which seemed to be far in future will stealthily come much closer. Baltimore Computer Solutions is a Baltimore IT Support Company that can save you from this disturbing situation.