Having trouble logging into your computer? Wasted time wrestling with setting up a router? Printer stopped printing?

Not all computer consultants are the same. Some problems still require experience.

Experience like you’ll find at Baltimore Computer Solutions.

Baltimore Computer Solutions has helped many businesses with better communication and planning and a personal touch with better communication and project management.

Baltimore Computer Solutions is so much more than your everyday Baltimore computer repair shop. They offer Managed Services and monitor business networks 24/7 with email reports.

Highly skilled in custom network design regardless of the systems or servers attached, they also offer server repair and backup.

Baltimore Computer Solutions also specializes in Cloud Computing Operating and MAC Support.

With Baltimore Computer Solutions, the customer is always first, whether your business is a multi-million dollar corporation or just a stay-at-home mom. The solutions are cost effective and guaranteed.

Baltimore Computer Solutions have been certified in Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, and HP and over 15 years of on the job experience.

Stop being frustrated losing time to computer issues and sensitive data. Call the specialists at Baltimore Computer Solutions. Call today at:

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