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FAQS about Baltimore Computer Solutions

Baltimore Computer Solutions gets questions from new and existing clients about our services. Below are the answers to some of  the regular questions asked on a daily basis.


Windows 8 Update Reminder

It is the deadline for consumers running Windows 8.1 to install the Windows 8.1 Update if they want to continue to receive patches and computer fixes from Microsoft.


Why should you upgrade your Windows XP computers?

Here are the top reasons you should upgrade your Windows XP computers:

Why should I upgrade? First and foremost, this is a security issue. Windows XP-based machines will still work after tomorrow, but Microsoft will no longer roll out security updates for the OS. That means your computer will be more susceptible to hackers and other scammers, who could exploit bugs that Microsoft is no longer fixing to gain access to your machine and steal your personal information.


TO Cloud Computing or Not to Cloud?

That is the questions we ask ourselves!cloud

Cloud computing is one of the largest growing areas in the IT industry. The concept of “Cloud Computing” refers to the hosting of a server or an application by a third party in an offsite location accessed via the Internet. The premise is that the vendor will not only provide the client with a reliable experience, but one that will be resistant to downtime and data loss.

Personally, I know it really depends on your business and the applications you use. […]

Baltimore Maryland Computer Network Audit

Fed Up With Computer Problems? Our FREE Network Audit Will Reveal Conflicts, Security Loop Holes, and Other Flaws In Your Network. […]

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