Having trouble with your Bel Air, Maryland IT Support Provider? Baltimore Computer Solutions is the most reliable IT Support Provider in the Harford County Maryland area. We provide a proactive Managed Services Solution that will monitor your servers and workstations 24×7 which will allow a business owner to concentrate more on his business and less time worrying about computer and technology problems. Outsourcing your business IT support for a small business can save you tons of money.

The Managed Services Solution will allow us to monitor all workstations and servers so there is no down time with your business. Here are a list of some of the services we monitor with our Managed Services Plan to provide you with the reliable IT Support your business needs:

▪ Microsoft System and Application error logs
▪ Backup and Disaster Recovery
▪ Antivirus update status
▪ Microsoft Exchange status
▪ Scheduled Microsoft Windows Updates
▪ Hard drive free space
▪ Catalog of all software and hardware installed
▪ Physical disk health

Why Baltimore Computer Solutions?

We provide a personal touch when serving all of our clients. We provide the most reliable and best customer service for all your IT needs. We have over 20 years of experience working with small and large businesses in the Bel Air Maryland area. We treat all our clients like they are our own family and want to build a long lasting beneficial relationship.

Call our office today and talk to a local IT support specialist today.

So let’s get started by filling out our contact form or calling (443)983-1035 to speak with an IT support specialist in the Bel Air, Maryland area.


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